Deliberate Creation, Renew Your Mind, and Manifest Miracles

Deliberate Creation, Renew Your Mind, and Manifest Miracles


What you think, you become

      What you feel, you attract

What you imagine, you create

Amazing words stated by an intellectual is an exact explanation of Deliberate Creation. Deliberate Creation is the ability to create your world, by implicating the law of attraction. The human mind is blessed with the ability to trigger the energy flow around him by thinking about something. The requirement of it’s to renew your mind and manifest miracles in your life. Turning the impossible into the possible is no less than a miracle. 

Here are few tips to renew your mind and manifest miracles for deliberate creation.

1.   One Desire at One Time

Man’s heart is filled with desires. The first important step is to select which is the most desirable wish of yours. Make a queue of your desires, which one is most important. Set your priorities by questioning yourself, what do I want from life? Some of our yearnings are linked up with our other desires, by attaining only one, the others automatically came into our lap. So, make sure not to waste your time on those that are easy to achieve. Go for the hard ones that are coupled with other longings of yours. 

2.   Get Rid of Nagging Thoughts

Whenever we think about attaining something, our minds trigger two types of thoughts; positive and negative. These opposite thoughts in nature, confuse us whether to work for our goal or shirk it. The first hard step is to get rid of your nagging thoughts. Develop the focus of your mind more on the pros of gaining something. For negative ones, give explanations to yourself how to overcome them. But don’t let your pessimistic thoughts overcome you from taking any action further. 

3.   Vivid Visualization 

Your mind manifests miracles if it has vivid visualization of your desire. Visualize clearly what you want by popping up questions in your mind:

  • Why you want it?
  • Is it exactly this one that’ll give you happiness?
  • What are the benefits of it in your life?
  • Would it be worth fighting to attain it?
  • Which path I’ll choose to reach my manifested miracle?
  • What would be my life after attaining my deliberate creation?

Your mind will keep on struggling to find the answers to these questions. Gradually it’ll find all the solutions. As humans have the power of achieving, in which they put their mind into. Eventually, leading the man to the point where no one has ever reached. 

4.   Trust Yourself 

Miracles don’t occur in one go. They require constant struggle on your part. You’ll keep on struggling for something, if you are convinced that you deserve to get it. The foremost key is to trust yourself that you have all the guts to get what you have desired. Faith and belief are such important tools that encourages man to hunt his prey alone, no matter how hazardous the path is. 

5.   Share Your Thoughts

 Moving on your own is though important, but if you have some support your work would be less tiring. The approach of getting others' support is by sharing your ideas with them. Share your goals and plans with the people around you. Let’s take the help of multiple brains to make your plan more refined. Sometimes we are not able to identify the loopholes of our plan which a second eye would do. 

6.   Visualize your Desire

On the path of struggle, our mind needs constant boosting to refresh the pleasurable memory of the outcomes of desire. Let your mind think from time to time about the gifts of that miraculous world for which it is suffering. Let your mind visualize the world of your dream. Let it flow freely in the stream of those pleasurable moments of triumph.  

7.   Embrace a Winning Attitude 

Man’s attitude is much important for doing anything. The person who fails in the race of life and the person who succeeds, listen to their point of view. The actual difference you would find between them was not of skills and resources but the attitude. 

Your attitude is that intrinsic motivation that let you run towards the set target instead of walking. No matter how much you struggle, if your attitude is not optimistic, failure is the only outcome. So, train your mind to embrace the winning attitude. Be hopeful for success. Celebrate every little initiative of your movement to boost up your positive vibes. 


Bottom Line

       Man has the power of creating his own world. Modern advancement is the proof of it. For the deliberate creation of your desired world, learn to renew your mind to manifest the miracles. The miracles which make you proud. The miracles which let you live as the hero of yours and others.

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